Dashy Square

"An open riff on the Geometry Dash formula, Dashy Square mixes up its side-scrolling platforming with gravity shifts, disorientating screen flips and a ton of deadly obstacles" - James Gilmour (AppSpy) at The Big Indie Pitch (MIGS 2015) Dash, jump, fly and wave your way through epic levels with rhythm-based gameplay! Do you have what it takes? Follow the beat as you play levels or endless waves while staying in tune with the rhythm of each song. Join what could possibly be the impossible game to beat! ARTISTS (Special thanks and Credits to): Tobu, F-777, TheFatRat, Shirk, K-391, ForeverBound, TeknoAXE, Xtrullor, Env, Djjaner, NIGHTKilla (Rukkus), Thomas VX, Detious, Alan Walker, T-Mass, Boom Kitty, Dimrain47, OMFG, Valesco, Dex Arson and From the Dust DISCOVER: https://www.kassanity.com FOLLOW: https://www.facebook.com/dashysquare https://twitter.com/KasSanity https://www.youtube.com/user/KasSanity


  • 40 Great Electronic/Edm Soundtracks From 21 Awesome Song Artists
  • 105 Unlockable Characters
  • 16 Levels to Play From, 5 of Which are Endless
  • Tons of power-ups for your Jetpack and Hoverboard
  • Trophies and Secret Keys to collect every level
  • Play in both Portrait or Landscape Mode
  • Practice mode to enhance your skills

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1 July 2016

Its good! Its perfect! Its a best game of Windows Phone!!!