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    • Use your location
    • Use devices that support Near Field Communication (NFC) services
    • Use your device network services
    • Use your music
    • Use any of your Windows Phone sensors
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    • Use information about your device
    • Use your maps
    • Use your device’s speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) services
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States), Italian, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Dutch, German
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    * WHATS NEW IN VERSION 1.10 * Quickly upload to your favorite service with one button press after finishing a ride. * New visual summary of each ride, displayed immediately after you're done riding. * After passing one turn, voice navigation immediately tells you how much further to the next turn. * Handles bike-to: protocol, with parameters like ms-drive-to: WHATS NEW IN VERSION 1.9 * Download 'pinned' routes from Ride With GPS. This is a much easier way to get routes into the app! * Get directions from current location to the start of a route. * Preview a route before riding it to see what it will look like. * Improved translations for existing languages * Available in French and German WHATS NEW IN VERSION 1.8 * Enter an address directly for turn-by-turn directions to that place from your current location (purchase required) * Warns you if background tracking gets suspended WHATS NEW IN VERSION 1.7 * Added a simple mode to hide the map while riding. Use this and set the phone in airplane mode to maximize battery life * Setting to adjust sensitivity of GPS. Try this if the GPS won't lock * Improved advance warning when turns are close together * Don't upload routes to Strava called 'Unnamed' * Ability to delete the demo route * Proper translations for Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch

Cycle Tracks GPS

Strava on Windows Phone? It's not going to happen. Lucky for you, Cycle Tracks GPS is available to track your rides and upload them. While you're riding, you'll get a precise route and a real-time stats readout. Afterward, upload them to OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) for later review or sharing. You can connect directly with Strava for a one-time purchase. Then, you will be able to upload an unlimited number of tracks to Strava quickly and easily from within the app. The UI is designed for easy access even with your cold-weather gloves on. Swipe up the time/distance readout to reveal large start/stop/pause buttons and the access to other menus. For the best riding experience, you can purchase true voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation. Create routes on Ride With GPS, download them to your phone, and follow them out on the road. Connect on Facebook at www.fb.com/cycletracksgps FEATURES * Tracks your rides precisely for great segment-matching on Strava. * Real-time statistics while you're on the bike: Speed, distance, elapsed time, and average speed. * Upload tracks to OneDrive for free * Upload tracks directly to Strava and Ride With GPS (purchase required) * Voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation for routes plotted on Ride With GPS (purchase required) * Displays current elevation, total elevation gain, and current grade while riding * View and play back previous rides * Big buttons, easy to use with winter gloves * Perspective map while riding, oriented to match your heading * Terrain and night map modes * Detailed tutorial * Continue recording onto the end of a previous track * Pin routes to start screen * Fine-grain control over how often the voice announces miles/kms * Advance warning before turns during navigation * Battery indicator

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8 July 2017

Loving it. Easy to use and it works u like a lot of apps here


6 July 2017

Large buttons. Easy to read.


30 June 2017

Tracks what I care about easily.


27 June 2017

Like the simplicity and the purpose it solves... If route playback can be exported as video file it would be really helpful.


21 June 2017

Application can't initialize my gps, but another app can


20 June 2017

Only a week in but I already think of this app as a must have for any ride... Pros: My tracks are recorded under all conceivable situations... Even when I have my phoned on my pocket! Easy to save Traveled routes to the cloud and re-ride then later... Cons: Just upgraded to turn-by-turn directions ($9.49) because I couldn't get there program to find a destination... Didn't seem to help... Still can't figure out how to find a destination. Also, instructions/help are terrible! You're kind of on your own! Overall: After just a week I'm very impressed! I will spend more time trying to figure out its nuances and report back... Try it... It's free!


14 June 2017



13 June 2017

Awesome app


10 June 2017

App is very accurate, and provides all necessary information about your ride. Of course the main feature is the ability to upload stats to Strava which I haven't tried yet. I haven't explored all the features yet and look like there's plenty of them! Highly recommended! :)


5 June 2017

Works just like it says, e to use

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