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    * Update history: v1.0.0.3 - added zoom controls to improve support on non touch Windows 8 devices - various bug fixes v1.0.0.2 - fixed an issue with loading images that had their orientation changed v1.0.01 - fixed performance issues with zooming and panning - added support for Filled / Snapped modes v1.0.0.0 - initial release

Colorize HD

Get creative. Make your pictures unique by colorizing them! Convert an image to black and white and then bring back a pop of color wherever you choose by brushing the color back on with your fingertip. You can zoom in and rotate the image and change only the smallest details or you can enlarge the brush size and swipe across it sloppily. Your creation is sure to be unique and it’s super easy to do. You can start your work and leave it half done by saving it as a project and when you get back to it, you just continue. When finished, you simply export your new creation as an image and you’ll find it in the Picture folder. Don’t forget to email or post it for others to enjoy.


  • Pinch to Zoom, Zoom controls to improve support on non touch Windows 8 devices
  • Pan and rotate
  • Unlimited Undo
  • Save projects to maintain work in progress
  • Change brush size from pencil tip to thumb
  • Switch back and forth between color and black & white brush to make corrections
  • Double Tap on the Pan/Zoom toggle to center the image on the screen

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21 May 2017

I wanted to colorize personal photos


24 July 2016

the end product is so amazing but this is not an easy app to use. It took me hours to figure it out. It still has some bugs here and there also. I found I can only do it with a cordless mouse and use the right click button often to erase my mistakes.


21 February 2016

This app don't work and should be banned .Deceptive Ad


9 February 2016

I am not good at this kind of stuff and I thought this would be a cool app but its not as fun as I thought it was going to be.


10 September 2015

how to use - no idea and no instructions or help? useless if I cannot figure out how to use it


7 May 2015

When I try to create a project, I can't get anything to work. Only thing I can do is chose a pic. Waste of mony


29 March 2015

this app sucks! I want my money back!!


18 August 2014

Will reject payment for scam. This app does nothing at all


28 May 2014

How do you use this Colorize HD? Very confusing. I regret paying for something that is of no use. Help or refund please! Lesa


27 April 2014

there is nothing about what to do it does not work at all

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