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    * Version 12-08-2015 # Bugfixes in livetile background agent # Rangeselector now shows a moving average of the graph. Version 08-08-2016 # Changed text live tile to a custom adaptive live tile for multiple tile formats. # Added a refresh button to the hamburger menu for updating synchronized data. # Redesign for the list view on request of review. # Added more info to the coin stats. Version 08-08-2016: # Added a live tile for Ethereum and Bitcoin. # By default only the 20 coins with the biggest volume will be available. # Synchronized data will be cached and reuse to reduce data usage. # Coin stats will be refreshed after each selection. # Volume graphs are disable by default, enable them in the settings page. # Added a setting page New Features: - Added Total page, with an overview of the current state of the total market. - Updated list page with headers, icons and percentage is now shown in 1h, 27h and 7d. - Coinpick selectors now show the coins icon and 24h percentage. - Added volume to graph. - Added Coin stats page to view current coin price. Bug fixes Fixed range selector for touch devices. Removed white space on top for mobile devices.


Coinmarketcap is an unofficial client to view coinmarketcap.com cryptocoin data in an uwp app with mobile friendly controls. Coinmarketcap shows current cryptocurency statics with over 600 coins supported, most important are: Bitcoin Ethereum Steem Ripple Litecoin Ethereum Classic Dash NEM MaidSafeCoin Nxt Lisk Dogecoin Monero Synereo DigixDAO Emercoin Waves Factom BitShares Stellar Siacoin Bytecoin Peercoin GameCredits Tether Counterparty Storjcoin X Agoras Tokens Namecoin NautilusCoin YbCoin Decred Yocoin FedoraCoin SARCoin Xaurum Bitcrystals SolarCoin SysCoin EuropeCoin ======================== change log 1.1.93 ======================== This release contains a new pocket view, which shows your current holdings. This release fixes the live tile after registering a background task changed in Windows 10 Creators Update. This release has a better contrast between text and background. Thanks for all the input delivered by mail or reviews :)


  • Display cryptocoin currency rates
  • Display coinmarketcap.com in a mobile friendly interface
  • Display an overview of bitcoin ethereum and 600 more cryptocoins

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9 June 2017

Great App. I downloaded this specifically for the ETH Live Tile feature. It works fantastic and has a lot of useful features.


24 May 2017

Sleek and organizable


4 May 2017

I dropped one star because the favorites list doesn't control anything. I would suggest, in the "Number to load" dropdown in the settings section, to add an "Only favorites" option. Otherwise all you've got is a list of favorites that you can check some quick stats on and I have gotten kicked off giving me some odd "Valid Internet Connection" error. Cool app though. Would be cool to be able to keep track of what you currently have, kind of like the coincap.io apps for iOS/android as well, but this had nothing to do with taking a star off, just a suggestion


19 January 2017

Not complicated


12 January 2017

Just perfect, I cannot wait to screenshot Om, to promote.


26 November 2016

Menu is good on the left, easy to navigate. Clear list that scrolls, easy readable. Love details when clicking on coin. Improvements/suggestions: More detail on Totals page; Make list font smaller; Custom favourite list.


25 September 2016

I really like this app however I notice in settings while I can limit it to loading 20 coins, I can not pick which 20 I want it to load. In reality I probably need a list of just the 10 most relevant to my own needs. This should be a user option.


9 August 2016

I like the interface, it works better on mobile then the webpage. Also the live tile is a very nice feature.


8 August 2016

I don't like that I can't customize which coins I want displayed in the list, and I don't know how often the prices refresh. The text is also extremely small and I couldn't find a way to make it larger or zoom in. Overall, it's a good app, has plenty of potential, it just needs some more work.