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    • Use the appointments in your calendar
    • Use your device network services
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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English
  • Notes:
    * V1.9.1.15 (Windows Phone 8) and V1.9.0.52 (Windows Phone 7) - Holiday corrections for various countries. V1.9.1.14 (Windows Phone 8) and V1.9.0.51 (Windows Phone 7) - Holiday corrections for various countries. V1.9.1.13 (Windows Phone 8) and V1.9.0.50 (Windows Phone 7) - Week number corrections. - Two more years added to the calendar. - All culture calendars for 2016-2018 completed. V1.9.1.11 (Windows Phone 8) - More culture calendar events for various countries. V1.9.1.10 (Windows Phone 8) - More culture calendar events for various countries. V1.9.1.8 (Windows Phone 8) - General improvements. - Bugfixes. - Support for high resolution displays. - More culture calendars. - Two more years added to the calendar. V1.9.0.48 - Week number corrections. - Holiday corrections for various countries. - Bugfixes. V1.9.0.47 - Holiday corrections for Zimbabwe. V1.9.0.46 - One more year added to the calendar. - Modifications on the email backup function. - Kenyan culture calendar. - Serbian language.

Chronos Calendar

Practical calendar optimized for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. If you have Windows Phone 8.1 or higher then please check out Chronos Calendar +. It's a completely remade app that supports full direct sync with all your accounts and lots of other new things.

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14 January 2017

Looks great and used to work great. Then a few months it quit syncing. Turns out they have an updated version they want me to buy. I didn't mind paying for a good app, but i don't like not knowing when the next version will just quit working some day. Will stick with the native calendar app. The only way to contact them is through Facebook. For those of us who don't have of want a Facebook account, there is no customer service. Other than that, a nice app.


12 November 2016

Spectacular..worth every penny !!!


12 April 2016

Doesnt work.


3 April 2016

When u install new version ... App wants u to pay again... MFS fix it!!!!


24 February 2016

Like Chronos + live tile content will change but the date will not. You have to launch Chronos and Chronos + to get the date to move forward on the tile. App developer should leave email for bugs because not everyone is a Facestalk user.


18 December 2015

Cheaters! Do not buy!


1 December 2015

I like it very much. Unfortunately it is not free anymore. I cannot find the way how to upgrade/pay to extend service beyond December 31st 2015. Link to facebook doesn't work. Any idea?


24 November 2015

Great app..a must thing for my Job


11 November 2015

Very nice. Looks much better than the default calendar. It does seem to list some holidays twice. Not sure how to adjust that. Not a big deal.


19 July 2015

เยี่ยม ดีครับ

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