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  • Category: Fighting
  • Published by: Academ Media
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    • Access your Internet connection
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
  • Notes:
    * Now available on Microsoft Windows 10 and Continuum!

Castle Catapult 3D Free - Continuum Game

Welcome to the world of knighthood and chivalry where you must bring peace and justice using a catapult! Try a day in the life of a medieval warrior: breathtaking battles, risking your life, ancient weapons, and the lust for victory boiling in your veins! You are about to take part in an attempt to overwhelm medieval castle defense. Settle a dispute between two kingdoms, fighting against each other over a number of years. All you have is a catapult kit and various missiles. Be fast and smart and win the victory! HOW TO PLAY: Use stones, cannonballs and fireballs to defeat the enemy with your catapult. Choose a missile, adjust its trajectory, pull the catapult rope back and release it to fire a projectile! Your goal is to destroy castle gates. A little hint: you can aim at canons on the castle to save your catapult from destruction. Bars on your screen display your catapult's and the castle's hit points. With the Castle Catapult 3D game every boy's dream can come true - from now on you can have the biggest slingshot toy in your pocket! So, let the big medieval battle begin on your device right now!


  • Cool combination of a shooter and tower defense games;
  • Realistic explosion sound effects;
  • Stunning 3D graphics: medieval castles, ancient weapons and brave knights;
  • Various projectiles are at your choice.

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4 July 2017

Way too many ad's!!!! Anoying.


13 May 2017

This game is nothing out of ads, do not download this.


30 December 2016

Spam basically, can't even play between ads, DO NOT download!


25 December 2016

I don't like EVERYTHING!!!!!


27 June 2016

Horrible game I hate it.


15 May 2016

stop giving this game a chance its pure trash