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  • Category: Puzzle & trivia
  • Published by: Z-Games
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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English

Bubble Burst

The return of a Windows Phone classic! Earn points by bursting groups of 2 or more bubbles of the same color that are next to each other. The more bubbles you burst at the same time, the more points you earn. With 3 different game modes you will have a hard time putting this game down. Try and see how long you can last in Marathon! Maybe get quick game in Rush mode or just play the good old Classic -excellent for small breaks. You can now compete against other players around the globe by playing 3 boards that are rotated weekly. At the end of each week, the top score's replay will be featured so others can see how you achieved that score. With global leaderboards for each game mode and more, you can compete against other people in the world. Enjoy this highly addictive game -best of all, it's free! Two words that reviewers use to describe the game: "addictive" and "fun"! Bubble Burst 2 has been released! Multiplayer support, Marathon challenge mode, undo, and lots more! Look for "Bubble Burst 2" in the marketplace v1.12 -Award "I'm Somebody" can now be obtained if you upgraded from a previous version and already had your name changed -Enabled "Challenge" mode leaderboards. This was accidentally disabled in the previous version -Removed Google Ads. This was causing significant lag to the game v1.13 -Added dialog to inform users of Bubble Burst 2 v1.12 -Minor bug fixes v1.11 -Added in-game rewards -Added a new theme. They are guests from another title from Z-Games -Changed game icon -Added game mode score migration code (if you are updating from a previous version, your old highscores should be resubmitted v1.10 -Fixed bug with migration code causing a crash during the initialization of the game. I truly apologize for this slipping into the previous build! -Fixed bug with leaderboard scrolling v1.9 -Reworked leaderboard. It now shows "Daily", "Weekly" and "Overall" scores -Minor tweaks in the UI -Perf improvements for the burst animation

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19 September 2016

Fun game, but won't retrieve leader boards. Cites an error w/internet connection. Its not my internet connection, it's a bug in the app. Please fix. ☹


10 April 2016

Love this game


19 August 2015

Fast, fun, variety very enjoyable


18 May 2015

Lots of fun.


2 March 2015

Fsa Texas 🍞 nbb Qrtg :):(😢⛎♎


27 January 2015

An undo would be nice


30 December 2014

Gets boring.


15 December 2014

Its fun


7 September 2014

This game is super fun!!


20 March 2014

Like this game

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