Brick Blast!

BRICK BLAST! brings advanced physics to the "breakout" - genre and offers 35 levels of addictive brick breaking fun. If you wish to compete against other people from all over the world - BRICK BLAST! contains an online leaderboard. Who will be the first with a score above 1,500,000? The trial-version contains 3 full playable levels. Features: - 35 levels of brick breaking fun - Advanced physics - Powerups like Laser, Multiball, etc. and Combos to reach new high scores - Online leaderboard - Cool space theme - Awesome music - Short loading times - Game saves automatically when interrupted or when you want to save it

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23 June 2011

Controls suck


6 May 2011

It sucks


4 May 2011

Good graphics but horrible controls.your finger often gets in the way.


20 April 2011

This game is kinda ***


13 January 2011

Fun game


12 January 2011

Nice brick breaker game!