Breakout is a fun and modern approach to the classic brick-breaking game. Use the ball to destroy the bricks, with the help of many different power-ups. Play through the 300 levels in the main game, or build your own in the integrated level editor. Extra unlockable game modes are also included, along with in-game achievements. The online scoreboard displays scores for players worldwide. Main features: - 300 levels - Level editor - Multiple game modes - Array of weapons and power-ups - Achievements - Save and load your games - Online scoreboards Enjoy!

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6 June 2017

Love it


1 June 2017

I Loved... Very Good. I LIKED


31 May 2017

Playin' this game is an enjoyable experience.


14 May 2017

Best game ever


21 April 2017

Fun spin on the bouncing ball genre. Keeps on your toes.


25 January 2017

Great intuitive game!!


7 January 2017

Fun game. Lots of modes and challenges. Achievements are a nice touch. This game has an issue with awkward ball bounces off the blocks. Ball will get stuck inside blocks, rattle around then ball will shoot out totally different from where you would expect it to ricochet. Frustrating at times.


5 November 2016

I'm not a gamer when it comes to phones. They handle my commination and act as my PDA and handle my weather needs and financial news. With that said... I was recommended this game and remember breakout as a kid so installed it... Greater fun that original for sure.


10 October 2016



1 October 2016

Good physics, smooth play. Great app. Thank you!

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