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    * Modified: Renamed "BoxCryptor" to "Boxcryptor Classic" * Minor bug fix

Boxcryptor Classic

Add an additional security layer to your Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive and encrypt your files with Boxcryptor Classic. Boxcryptor Classic allows you to use Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive without sacrificing safety, privacy and comfort! *** IMPORTANT *** This app is for Boxcryptor Classic and cannot be used in combination with the regular Boxcryptor applications. We're currently working on Boxcryptor for Windows Store which will be available within the first quarter of 2014. More information on the difference between Boxcryptor and Boxcryptor Classic can be found here: https://www.boxcryptor.com/classic *** IMPORTANT *** This version of Boxcryptor Classic for Windows Store supports Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive only. If you have any problems with this app, instead of leaving a 1-star review please contact our support so that we can help you. Thanks. You can submit a ticket here: http://support.boxcryptor.com BoxCryptor is an encryption software optimized for Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive. With BoxCryptor for Windows 8, the encrypted BoxCryptor Folder on your Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive can be easily accessed via the Metro interface. See https://www.boxcryptor.com/classic for more information and manuals.


  • Always have your sensitive stuff with you - and feel good because it is secured by encryption.
  • Access all encrypted files, photos, music in your Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive.
  • Decryption is done directly on your device - your password is never transmitted.
  • Secure storage by using the AES-256 standard. (Advanced Encryption Standard with a key size of 256 bit)
  • Limited EncFS compatibility (see our Homepage for more details)
  • In combination with Boxcryptor Classic Unlimited: Filename Encryption to hide any sensitive information that might be stored in the name of a file or a folder.

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24 January 2015

So far this works on my Windows Tablet (NextBook 10.1) but when the Access Token has expired, as the error message reads, there is no way to re-authenticate. I assume I will have to reboot, but I am working on other items on the computer for now. I will rate above 2 stars once this issue is resolved.


9 August 2014

I like this. Combined with Boxcryptor Classic on my desktop, which encrypts a documents folder on Onedrive, this RT app allows me to quickly and easily open the encrypted documents while using my Win8 tablet. Thank you, Secomba, for providing Boxcryptor Classic on both the desktop and tile interfaces.


6 January 2014

Need more cloud support... no support for Box.net


22 December 2013

Otherwise it works well.


12 December 2013

Looks good so far.


2 May 2013

Falta suporte para Dropbox. Talvez esteja para breve. :)


21 February 2013

Given the current version of the app and it's limitations it works very well. I am able to read my encrypted SkyDrive with this app on both the Surface RT and Surface Pro. I look forward to additional functionality such as: writing files to SkyDrive; Other cloud storage such as DropBox. I would also like to see the ability to use the non-metro version on Windows 8 so I could mount a drive… If you can live with the current limitations the app is great and I’m hopeful for updates.


2 February 2013

This program CAN be nice, IF it works. It integrates smoothly with the Operating System for easy usage, again, IF it works. I've tried to use this on my Android tablet, my Windows RT Surface, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The only places I've been able to get full functionality are on my Windows 7 & 8 installations, which totally takes the point away from using this software. When I tried their support channels, I was ultimately told to wait for a patch that never came. Find a different program


27 January 2013

This tool is designed to work with mating boxcyptor software on your other windows machine. I have it set up to couple with my skydrive. On my laptop it works very well where it mounts a new drive (Z: in my case), and I save and access files through this and it automatically encrypts the files. On my Surface RT, I also have the Boxcryptor app that lets me access encrypted files on my skydrive. But so far I can't save from the RT to skydrive as an encrypted file.


29 December 2012

Great for multi-platform access. I use it on OS X, Android, and Windows.

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