Blackjack Master 2

Blackjack is the most popular card game in the world--and for a good reason. Blackjack Master brings everything you love about Blackjack to Windows 8. Unlike cheap imitations, Blackjack Master is a fast paced and feature complete version of Blackjack. You can download an unlimited trial version (ad supported), or purchase the full version to remove ads. Worried about inaccurate rules? Not a chance. This version of blackjack implements every rule correctly, including: Splitting (to three), Doubling, Surrendering, Insurance, 3:2 payout for Blackjack, and more. Everything is there. Interested in learning basic strategy? No problem. Click on "Hint" to view an accurate strategy chart at any time, with the correct move highlighted. Don't like the choice of rules? Change them in the settings. Rules can be customized to your taste. Annoyed by cheesy animations of cards exploding? You won't find any here. This game is for people who just want to play casino-style Blackjack. Try Blackjack Master today--It will be the last Blackjack app you ever download.


  • Accurately implemented rules that can be customized
  • Fast paced game play with tasteful animations
  • Blackjack strategy charts at your fingertips to learn basic strategy
  • Chip balance saved between sessions
  • Statistics to allow you to track your strategy