Bitdefender Insight

Bitdefender Insight delivers a wide variety of security news so you can stay up to date about the latest threats, innovations in technology and new products. Also, if you have installed one of our desktop antivirus solutions, this app lets you see the current security status of your PC and allows you to run tasks, such as scan, update or fix important issues detected on your computer, right from the dashboard.


  • Informs you about security threats and new products
  • Displays your computer's security status
  • Allows you to manage your Bitdefender security products remotely (fix security issues, send scanning and update tasks)

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26 comment


9 May 2017

complete fail


20 November 2016

don't know nothing about it


25 October 2016

با ویندوز 10هر بار که اجرا میکنم خارج میشه.


14 September 2016

The app will open for a couple seconds (on my Win10), then it closes. This doesn't work at all.


28 August 2016

it not work at all it seem be dead app your not working I try reset it dele re down load it not fix it 2017 beta very good well try fix this your freeAntivirus beta not good u have scan all files all by user self and put wjhat u want it 2 scan in the box if not scan at all try fix that I use bitdefender total security 2016 it got new look I love it try this this app and and new Antivirus beta scan were it self b4 it self


8 August 2016

Crashes at launch


4 August 2016

its opening and closing itself.


2 August 2016

Window opens and then crashes.


17 July 2016

Since Window 10 upgrade I have been totally pushed around by the whole experience. Lied to be Microsoft and ignored by Bitdefender that I paid a lot of money for. What a bunch of B.S.


25 June 2016

Colocam um troço dizendo que é gratuito e não é... Não é nemcompatível com o w10 esse app..... Fica pulando e acessando página em página.. não recomendo essa porcaria

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