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Billiards: Pool Arcade Snooker - Pro 8 Ball Sport

Do you love pool? Try your skills in this incredible western billiards! This classic game comes now in a wild west saloon setting. Features: Realistic physics, Beautiful saloon graphics, Challenge and practice modes, Many days of pool playing fun, Multiple levels of AI difficulty, Rotated shots for extra control Shoot your way with a cue and master the white ball to show your enemies that nobody should mess with you. You can train your skills in the training mode. You'll find that the game's physics model was handcrafted by the finest developers. It is just like real life or even better, as you can play it wherever and whenever you want. Feel the emotions of playing like a professional 8 ball shooter. Prepare to become a master of the cue. Pool billiards is also known as бильярд in Russian, bilard in Poland, 台球 in Chinese. This cue game is also known as ビリヤード in Japan, billiard in Germany, and billard américain in France. Pool was a popular game in most countries of the world for hundreds of years. Beautiful graphics and crisp sounds were made to please. Gameplay looks like a real deluxe and royal experience. Warning: this is classic pool with challenges and many different ball set-ups, but not carrom or crokinole. Game is played on billiards tables, the ones smaller than the snooker table. Choose from a variety of different colors You can choose from five different levels of computer opponent difficulty. The most skilled one will give you some hardcore challenge! Playing the challenge mode will give you progressively increasing level of difficulty. In this mode you have to score all balls in a limited amount of shots. This puzzle pool mode will test your wits as well as your proficiency with the cue! You don't have to be a pro player to have incredible fun playing pool. Just set the game to casual settings and enjoy arcade gameplay while on a break or riding the bus. You can place rotated shots for more precise shots. Making these extra tricky shots will require nerves of steel like in a professional snooker match. Practice in the game and you'll see that your real life skill will increase as well. Soon you'll become a real pool pro! Game is entirely free so download now and have a go at it!

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26 June 2017



4 June 2017

Cool game. Nothing spectacular but it's cool.


29 May 2017

Needs magnification capabilities


27 May 2017

Really boring and really hard to aim the cue!


25 May 2017

Awesome 🙆


8 May 2017

Cool game...very realistic


16 April 2017



19 March 2017

Great game


22 February 2017



29 January 2017

Made me the pool champ. Zone 6 East mode Beast mode

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