Best Recipes from Best Chefs and Home Cooks. All recipes in this channel are selected by editors and voted by audience as tasty and trustworthy. Includes best recipes for Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Desserts, Drinks, Appetizers, Entrees, Kids, Vegetarian, Cake, Salad, Pizza, Pasta and more.


  • 1000+ Bestcooks videos.
  • Best Chefs videos.
  • Famous Cooks like Steves Cooking, USA Fire and Rescue, My VirginKitchen etc.
  • All kinds of recipes like Vegetarian, Cake, Salad, Appetizers, Kids etc

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28 April 2016

I haven't tried the recipes....yet! I am very surprised at how many different recipes that there are, and the diversity. I am very much looking forward to trying these out! Thank you for developing this app!


27 January 2016

don't love su shi


8 December 2015

Nice U-tube app. It makes you hungry but I don't see any written recipes so far still looking though.