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    * 2.7.1 Preparation for Arcane Quest 3 release

Arcane Quest 2

Explore the dungeons with this board game rpg, in classic table top style! Enjoy the thrill of an epic journey, in a mix of adventure, strategy and role playing. Find out the truth behind the Arcane powers in the world of Auria, build up your own guild and gain prestige among the realm. Features: - Loyal to the classic tabletop gameplay, fight hordes of Orcs, Goblins, Undead, Chaos Knights and many other fantasy creatures - An epic storyline and dozens of side quests to keep you entertained for 50+ hours - 8 unique heroes: Warrior, Dwarf, Wizard, Elf, Evoker, Assassin, Cleric and Ranger - 150 equipment and spells options, to customize each of your heroes to suit your combat style - Classic RPG levelling system, gain experience to make your heroes become legends - A glorious soundtrack will accompany you through your adventure What Arcane Quest players are saying: - “Excellent adaptation of the HeroQuest board game. Brings back many childhood happy memories.” - “If you are looking to play a simple D&D board game for your phone, this is the game. Easy and fun, love it.” - “If you have been looking for a fantasy board game this is the best.“ - “If you were a fan of Hero Quest, Dragon Strike or D&D, board games, this is the perfect app to bring you back.”

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27 February 2017

Worth it. 8/10 will play repeatedly.


28 January 2017

Great game, no complaints.


22 January 2017

Esse jogo é muuuito show. Top. RPG purinho.


27 December 2016

A good advancement from the first. Fun game play and replay ability.


16 December 2016

Love this game.


15 December 2016

Brings back the memories of old tabletop rpgs


3 December 2016

Good but slow


28 November 2016

I will give it an average rating, this is a non animated 2D game but its a guy good old board game style turn based game. Make gold more abundant or lower the prices and roll with regulation dice and stats for a more in depth game and ill go 4 stars without the graphics, however; it's a fun game that kills time.


25 August 2016

AWESOME. Been a while since a game captures my attention like this one. Great job


15 August 2016

Good fun, better than drowning in sfx

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