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  • Published by: Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd
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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    * Features: - Excellent graphics and optimized for low end devices - Complete the different themes and modes - Clear all awesome and expert achievements - Easy to play, suitable for all age groups - Tap to shoot and easy device tilt controls Pinball 2D: Yeah! Pinball 2D is best pinball game for your device and features exact recreation of the all-time greatest pro deluxe Zen pinball and real pinball star tables. HD graphics will make you massive jewel bash home run wizard. Break the new ball by taping the right corner in the table. This game sets a new standard for realistic ball physics and graphical detail in pinball video games. You will be stunned with the level of realism and cutting-edge visuals.You can find the galactic word called pinball carnival to break tough nuts,coins and deadly call of vector Physics. Be careful while controlling the flips and check the objective to clear all on duty. Game Features: - 5 Innovative Table: Classic, Lucky Stones, Lucky Wheel, Carnival, Christmas - Visually stunning graphics - Unique sound track with atmospheric music, sound effects - The most advanced ball physics Pool 3D: Pool 3D also known in different places as billiards or snooker or 8 ball pool, combine a pro premium deluxe of 2 Modes as single player and multiplayer. Battle it over different arena and it’s easy to play but very addictive. Break those 9 balls set and let it go. Besides, it kills time, when waiting for bus ,car parking ,resting, getting bored. By using the cue hit those balls into the holes and have a classic Vegas experience like a KING!!!!! Features: - Single player mode play against Computer at three stages as Easy, Medium and Hard - Multiplayer, play with your friends and challenge him on a same device - Easy to play, suitable for all age groups, Excellent visuals and graphics, Intelligent AI while playing with --Single player mode, Play a pool live tour beyond the different funky table

Arcadia 3D

Arcadia 3D Arcadia 3D is the first ever and biggest ultimate app bundle game which comes packaged with 6 Classic Evolutionary games of all time and this fits all in your pocket . This big bundle game comes with a set of best top free games which is as follows Soccer 3D, Pool 3D (8 ball pool), Chess 3D, Air Hockey 3D, Pinball 2D, Deluxe Shooting 3D. This fusion seems so simple but this X Mas (Christmas), find out the difference which makes these games a dream.Below exciting exclusive games are available on the Microsoft Windows mobile Platform: IAP: It offers IAP in the range of $0.99 to $29.99 as coins. Soccer 3D: Play as the striker and just flick the ball to kick an epic goal!! Shoot for the stars or better for the galaxy and head to top the table and be the hero the world league needs.Make sure you have an eye on the clock or else you would slide down the table.Soccer or better in London known as Football gives every MS Windows Users the most exciting soccer experience with visual graphics and a realistic physics way better than any usual football, soccer or rugby game out there. Features: - 3 different game modes: Arcade (Time slow down), Skill shots , Penalty shootout - Visually appealing graphics and engaging game play - Realistic goal keeper animations and physics - Realistic kick and swerve/curve controls - Upgradable balls , stadium and soccer kit, Player power & strength - Achievement system to appreciate you as a legend player Playing football was never so fun! You will be amazed by how fun shooting free kicks will be with Soccer. Are you ready for the best soccer game out there? Chess 3D: Play the classic chess game brought into a new era. With a unique set of puzzle which would enthrall your mind into the next dimension and keep you hooked forever. With cutting edge graphics and AI as good as Carlsen and Vishwanath Anand, up against the best Bobby Fischer attack and the Berlin strategy in this game of epic sorts. Execute the best tactics you've got or get some tips and tricks from your friends to beat the best and become the WORLD GRAND MASTER CHAMPION!!! Be the genius, make those classic moves, safe guard you king and make those classic moves. FREE WINNING TIPS: Save your king, Develop those Knights, Approach the enemy with your pawn, Attack late with your Queen and your rook. Don't pretend you’re Kasparov, Understand the purposes of moves and the general plans in the positions. Be aware context. Look at your opponent's move. Make the best possible move. Have a plan. Know what pieces are worth. Develop quickly and well. Control the center. Keep your king safe. Know when to trade pieces. Think about the endgame. Always be alert! Chess is a game of strategy and tactics. All the best! Features: -Advanced 3D HD graphics -AI opponent with adjustable level from junior to grand master -Different modes of game play Single player, Skill shots, hot Local Multi player -Set your preferable and flexible view in the 3D view. Air Hockey: Air Hockey is one the most classic arcade games out there in the world. Originated from the exhilarating sport, Ice Hockey.Relive those special and crazy moments of those playoffs with the crazy table sport game now in 3D. With different pucks and different handles to choose from, play one of the most enjoyable game over the different tables with one of them being epic glow table. What are you waiting for, go on and hit those tables and let those pucks go on a frenzy. Enjoy this game this frozen season and all the coming seasons free falls. Features: - Easy to play, suitable for all age groups - Excellent visuals and ultra-graphics - Intelligent AI while playing with single player mode - Play as easy to master in single player against CPU - Up-gradable Pucks and Mallets and over 3 different table which are all easy to pick up but hard to master. Shooter 3D: This Assassin Shooter 3D is a simple shooting or sniper game. Sight a target and start shooting bottles, poppers and other targets. Become an expert in hand gun shooting. Shoot head, this will give you more points. Control the handgun and shoot at targets using device tilt sensors, for more natural way of shooting. In the beginning it might be difficult, but the sensor is the best choice for fast shooting in this game. Enjoy! Shoot targets. Be quick, be precise and win. Become a Shooting Expert! Kill the zombies and monster and hidden terrorists and angry gran men. The ultimate destination for flow free army hunt. Shoot a single shot to show down the mountain fun and become an expert. Grasp your hand gun firmly and pick your target Choose wisely as once the trigger is pulled there is no turning back its shooting till the last man standing Can you Take up the heat with machine guns, Uzis and pistols against hordes of enemies. We hope it would be better than cross bow and sniper.

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25 March 2017

I still found a glitch when i play hockey... But the other sport is good


1 December 2015

Great 8 bit games to choose from.


19 June 2015



1 April 2015

Good game and fun....Thank


19 December 2014

Check the talking tom and talking angelica


5 December 2014

It is not all that fun


4 December 2014

F***ing stupid


1 December 2014

Very good game and fun on lumia 520 hehe [^_^]


30 November 2014

O melhor da categoria


29 November 2014


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