Animal Transport Simulator 3D - Farm Truck Driving

Drivers of heavy vehicles like truck drivers, crane drivers & excavator drivers are in for a treat. You are up as a cargo transporter on a big cargo transport truck. Your cargo is farm animals and cattle including horses, sheep & cows and they need to be transported from the city to the farm or from the farm back to the big city. Other than farm animals you may also need to transport racing horses. So load up the farm animals and drive carefully on off road and city drive way to transport farm animals & wild animals like wild horses from the stable. The transport trailer truck has a powerful engine and has a huge carriage van attached at the back as cattle transporter. The carriage van needs to be loaded up by farm animals and then it is attached to the transporter truck for transport & delivery of the animals & cattle in this animal transport simulator game. The job of a transporter is hectic but it can be made enjoyable by observing the nature around and looking at farm animals like cows and bulls and also wild horses and racing horses. You will be tested on parking skills of a transporter trailer truck as well. As the driver of the transporter truck in this truck simulator game, park the truck carefully so that the farm animals can be loaded and unloaded easily. Driving the transport truck is an even bigger challenge where you have to make sure you follow the traffic rules and drive on the city roads carefully so that you don't disturb the normal traffic flow. Get behind the wheel of the transport truck and transport horses, cows, goats, sheep and livestock from farms to destination. The farm animals are grazing around in the farm so make sure you don't hit the farm animals.


  • Realistic farm and city environments
  • Smooth controls and awesome 3D sounds
  • Farm environment and game play in the farm animal transporter
  • Cattle & horses on the farm with detailed graphics and animations

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5 July 2017

I cant load the horse to pass level 5


1 July 2017

can't get some animals to move, gets stuck


29 June 2017

I can't even open the game. I even tried putting it on full screen I would not recommend.


29 May 2017

this game is **** but to help the creator with ad revenue i rated it five stars


9 March 2017

I love this game


8 March 2017



25 February 2017

this game is very difficult to turn the truck and does not participate.


2 January 2017

The tractor is to slow 🐌 but it is still cool


31 August 2016

Could of been better, a others said it is hard to drive because every time I turn, it decides to stop moving and won't straighten out. Now I'm playing on a tablet computer, and I'm not using the mouse. I absolutely think it could have been better -_-


21 July 2016


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