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    * 1. Setting page for live tile, starting page, search result listing 2. Irregular verbs database 3. New search result listing style

Advanced English Dictionary

AED is a comprehensive English dictionary app. It has more than 400,000 entries with a clean and modern user interface. Some of the important features are as follow: 1. Dictionary stored in phone 2. Pronunciation (sound and notation) 3. Fast and snappy 4. Picture gallery 5. Word relation 6. Today's word 7. Recent page for revision 8. Star your word 9. Inline search 10. Based on WordNet 3.1 - Containing more than 400,000 entries - Clear and precise definition - Sample sentences available

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10 June 2017

It has been a pleasant experience using AED and after using the "Free" version: no hesitation going Pro. This app brings more periods of intense joy with my love of the English dictionary since childhood days. Thank you!


15 December 2016

It comes with personal name pronunciation, so great!


6 August 2016

This used to be a very good app, but the current version is buggy and it crashes after the intro screen of the app. The only thing that seems to work is the error reporting function, and I'm not sure of that either, besides that, the app is completely useless, at least on Windows Mobile 10. Please, fix this app A.S.A.P., by the way this is not the free version, and make it useful and worthy again. I don't like to waste money on useless software. I'm giving you two stars: one for the effort and the other because once upon a time it was useful.


5 August 2016

The app functionality is beyond my expectations from a dictionary app. It is made for 2020 (and beyond) not for 2015. But a UWP version is needed to make it even better.


13 June 2016

Recommend to everyone who needs a perfect English dictionary


10 January 2016

A must have WP app. I always install this first whenever I have a new Windows phone.


27 October 2015

Bought to pay back the developers for the work in the free one.


2 September 2015

Paid and free versions stopped opening after a time and I lost all data.


26 July 2015

It's a dictionary....wow.....lol lol...


23 July 2015

Hi can you make bigger fonts on live tiles... Thanks great application, i hope you add more pictures (*‘ω‘ *)

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