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    * Release 2.1.2: Added choice of keyboard layout (calculator or phone)

A+ Math Frenzy

A fun way to learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Three different game options, for different skill levels and styles of play. Classic Quiz is designed for kids learning their basic math facts. Each round is different, with randomly generated questions using operands 0-9. Choose a single operation, like addition or multiplication, or a mix of all operations. Earn the most points by answering correctly and quickly, and race to the top of the global leaderboard! In Frenzy Mode, keep playing until the frenzy bar runs out. Answer 10 questions correctly and advance to the next level. But watch out—you'll need to answer more quickly with each new level you achieve! Turbo Frenzy gives kids (of all ages!) who already know their math facts a challenge, with a mix of all math operations and operands up to 12. Turbo Frenzy moves quickly: answer incorrectly or pause too long and the frenzy bar runs out, ending the round. If you answer incorrectly more than 3 times, the game displays the correct answer and then advances to the next question. This helps kids learn new math facts, and makes sure players don't get frustrated and stuck on a single question. • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division • Operands 0-9 or 0-12. • Global leaderboard • Optional sound effects Download A+ Math Frenzy for your child, to help learn the basic math facts and increase speed and proficiency. Or download for yourself, to sharpen your speed, concentration, and focus. Note: if you prefer a multiple-choice math quiz, check out A+ Math Facts. This free game is supported by advertising. If you prefer an advertising-free experience, check out A+ Math Frenzy Pro. Visit SQUUG.com, or mail support@squug.com for help or more information. A+ Math Frenzy, release 2.1

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8 February 2017



7 February 2017

Awesome Game very addictive


28 November 2016



21 October 2016

It was good 😊


21 August 2016

A spicy meatball!


16 June 2016

My child learned so much better sense I got this game,now she has passed this game and she is still in first grade.


2 April 2016



19 March 2016

I like this game because it helps me with doing math problems 😊😊 😊😊


14 March 2016

Great app


4 February 2016

I like the game it is challenging

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