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    * Fixes to rewards to match recent API changes.

7 Eleven, Inc.

Throughout your day, the 7-Eleven app keeps up with you, customizing and personalizing your experience from the minute you open it. Swipe around to navigate through all of the greatness 7-Eleven has to offer. Not only can you see 7-Eleven store locations near you, but you can star your favorites, filter locations by services like hot food, gas, propane and more. There’s always something happening at your neighborhood 7-Eleven, such as Special Edition Slurpee Flavors™, and more. Find out what’s going on now in the Events section. Whether it’s sweltering at midnight, raining at six a.m., and anything in between, sneak a peek at The Goods for some enticing selections customized just for you. Did we mention there are coupons? See what products you can save on at any 7-Eleven. Share when you’re done to brag about your savings. To get exclusive coupons for your local 7-Eleven stores and customized product recommendations download our app today, it’s like there's a 7-Eleven in your pocket. Features: Map: Find a 7-Eleven convenience store near you or on your way. Narrow down or filter your search by products and store services. Coupons: Explore exclusive coupons right on your phone. Store Events: See what’s going on at your 7-Eleven. Products: Get delicious suggestions personalized for you.

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12 July 2017

Crashes continuously and only stable for about 4seconds and poof.... Back to the start menu.


5 July 2017

I tried unistalling then reinstalling. Rebooting my phone, everthing. App still closes within 30 seconds of opening. I get an error everytime. 'No response from server'. Another broken windows app. Gee, why am I surprised?


4 July 2017

In short this APP sucks. I have tried it at both 7-11's near me to use this app,multiple times. It should have already recorded at least 12 Slurpee purchases and 6 coffee purchases. But there is nothing because I can NEVER log in to the worthless APP in the store. I try wifi but the stores "don't have Wi-Fi"". REALLY!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! You have an APP that requires logging in to use it in YOUR STORE but NO WAY for customers to use it. And please do NOT say to use DATA. I've tried that too multiple times and it does NOT work in your store. So I asked today if there is a way to scan or upload my receipt so I can at least get my credit but OF COURSE you do not offer that either. This is beyond the WORST APP I have ever used. Forget 0 stars. I give it a negative 10 stars.


20 June 2017

The app turns off after a few seconds. Even after accessing the code for slurpies. Please fix it. My daughters love the slurpies.


8 June 2017

App keeps force closing everytime I open im using Lumia 650 phone please update app


15 May 2017

Application is good, easy to access. However, crashes every 10 seconds...


6 May 2017

Crashes every 5 seconds of opening. Every time.


20 April 2017

Unrecognized server response when opening. When u do get it open you have about 10 sec. before it crashes.


8 April 2017

Unfortunately, this app has given me enough issues that I think it's about time for me to uninstall the app. I frequently visit 7/11, mostly for slurpees and cigarettes. I've had this app on three different devices and all would not function properly when it came to getting my free Slurpee on Saturdays. First two phones I tried out on, I had an issue with the barcode malfunctioning. One employee was nice enough to attempt scanning it until it went though. Now on my Windows Phone, the 7/11 app wont work AT ALL. I'll probably hold onto the app until the next update, in hopes that there's some bug fixes. But if there isn't a fix, I'm not sure I can do anything else except just delete it; if I'm not getting free Slurpee's, I have no other reason to keep the app. PLEASE FIX. Thank you.


31 March 2017

Sweet free stuff I'm sold and you can scan everything. You buy witch is cool.

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