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100's Balls

100’s Ball is the latest greatest and most addictive games. The scope is filling the glasses with the colored balls. Only glasses with balls will go back in the big pot, the empty glasses will be destroyed. Tap on the screen to open the pot. Your purpose is to fill the moving Glass with the falling balls. Filled glass will returns balls to the pot. Empty glass will be unhooked from the moving chain. The game ends when all balls or glass are lost. Colored balls and glass produce higher score. The longer you remain in the game, the more points you receive. To win the game try to don't loose the balls and fill the glasses to remain in the game and to receive more points. Features :- -Solid and fun physics! -Simple yet enjoyable gameplay, just a single tap ! -Include multiple languages.

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16 October 2014

Nice game


14 October 2014

Nice game and it is so easy , please add music 🎶, and make it more fast, otherwise good game


5 October 2014

More like a hundred gay as **** this game blows more dick than your mom did at that Christmas party back in 95. You remember? Every body therr got some of that old beat up set of meat curtains