We The People

We The People is an electronic version of the United States Constitution and all of its amendments. Supports highlighting and searching, along with sharing selected text with other applications. Includes footnotes in original text to show what parts of the Constitution have been amended. Never be without a reference to the most important document in the nation's history.


  • Read by Article or the entire Consitution at once
  • Search, select, highlight and share text
  • Roam highlights and recently viewed sections between devices
  • Maintains a list of recently viewed content

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20 October 2016

Works on PC fine, why not mobile? Thought this new Windows 10 OS made apps work on all screens??? This is a nice app to have handy on a phone and many of us corporate executives use Windows Mobile


12 September 2016



11 April 2016

Advertisements are no problem on this computer. Just cover them with a 'stay on top of the desktop' utility . At least I'll be able to read this before the end of time. It's a better life. Also, read history.


23 November 2015

Nice app, but you can't resize the font and it's just too small for me on my 8" tablet. Uninstalling. Useless.


21 April 2014

Other than that, it's great!


22 February 2014

The rating is for the usability of the app, obviously not for the document. The app is very simple and could be useable if the font was big enough to see. I am uninstalling it because I can't see what it says. Most apps let you zoom in or out, I wish this one did.


30 November 2013

I would like to see unite state citizen ship test question and answer


16 October 2013

I like the app... but I will not use it as I find the font too small for me to use comfortably. When using a transparent background like it does, I find myself having to struggle with the text more than I should have to. Create an option to increase the font size, eliminate transparency, and bold the font. *UPDATED 10/15/13* Installed update it. It doesn't look like alternate font sizes are yet available... but the transparent background is now gone. MUCH easier to read. Added a star.


13 October 2013

Ok, not so happy with this. First thing, as soon as you open up a page, spelling mistakes galore. Ok, now maybe back in 1775 or so, they didn't have spell checkers, but I don't think they "chuse" to have it worded that way. Uninstalled... Thanks for the attempt, it was a nice try.


11 September 2013

The US Constitution was intended as a contract between the Fed Government and the States (the People being represented by their respective States). This contract has been seriously breached. Everyone should study the Constitution for themselves and learn what it is....and isn't.

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