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  • Category: Security
  • Published by: KeepSolid Inc. ?
  • Permissions:
    • Access your Internet connection and act as a server.
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), German, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Korean
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    * This version introduces a new extremely beneficial pricing plan!

VPN Unlimited - Encrypted, Secure & Private Internet Connection for Anonymous Web Surfing

VPN Unlimited does not restrict the Internet connection speed or bandwidth, fully sustaining your online privacy. VPN Unlimited provides client apps for all major platforms including iOS, Macintosh, MS Windows, Linux and Android. Find it at: https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/downloads. Why VPN Unlimited? VPN Unlimited allows you to evaluate our high-quality VPN service for 10 days free of charge. We offer a choice of time-limited subscriptions. The VPN Unlimited trial and subscription include: * Unlimited traffic bandwidth! * Unlimited connection speed! * Multiple connections from your account, meaning you pay once and then use our VPN service from any device, including iOS, Mac OS X, MS Windows, Linux and Android devices! VPN Unlimited offers a great number of security options. Do you need to protect all of your online activities? Would you like to get access to all territory-restricted web content and surf anonymous? Do you believe that every WiFi hotspot Internet access requires extra protection? Do you need to ensure 100% of your online security? VPN Unlimited can do any of the mentioned above options. VPN Unlimited is absolutely universal service that comes at affordable price and ensures that the client gets full bandwidth and Internet connection without any limitation. Now, it is easy to travel or go on vacation and have trusted online security anywhere in the world. Enjoy watching all of your favorite online resources and shows like YouTube, Netflix from any country anytime! What is VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a technologically improved service that creates an encrypted tunnel for all of the data that you receive and send on the electronic device of your selection. You may connect up to five devices to one VPN Unlimited account. With the help of VPN you are ensured to have online security while connecting to any website, social network or other online resources from any location globally. Use VPN Unlimited to access corporate networks, public, hotel, airport and free WiFi hotspots. The service ensures secure connection to the server offering anonymous VoIP as well. VPN Unlimited is extremely easy to install as the app does everything automatically. We offer several methods of encryptions used simultaneously to ensure high level of online security and safe proxy access. VPN allows watching any YouTube broadcast, as well as Netflix content from any location as it has the ability to unblock at any designated area. VPN Unlimited is a perfect security shield for any kind of Internet access.


  • Unblock territory-restricted web content
  • Protect your WiFi connection
  • Secure your online activity
  • Bypass some ISP restrictions (this may even increase your regular Internet speed!)

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719 comment


21 June 2017

Don't work. Não funciona. Não detecta a conexão com a internet


19 June 2017

NOT working at all!


17 June 2017



15 June 2017

Ilove it. Just wish I knew the code for cricket windows phone to unlock to be open for any provider


12 June 2017

I like it


11 June 2017

I actually have a subscription to VPN unlimited which I use on iphone and ipad frequently. This app is garbage though, when you try to activate the VPN it simply gives you a link to their website to download their full application. Why did I waste time downloading and logging into an app that just directs me to download separate software? Also, I checked this app after I downloaded the real software and it did not change...so it is not like this is an interface to the full software...it still just gives you a link to their website. Worthless, just advertising.


10 June 2017

Really easy to use and does work with full internet connection.


10 June 2017

Работает на пробной версии ,как часы,все сайты и мессенджеры заблокированные Роскомнадзором обходит только так,доволен этим приложением


8 June 2017

It works great, it doesn't affect internet speed, and it is really cool app!


7 June 2017

Looks good

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