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    • Access your Internet connection
    • Access your home or work networks
    • Use your location
    • Use your webcam
    • Use your pictures library
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
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    * 4.2 (4.2.500) - Updated mute functionality! -- A new Settings page for managing mute filters can be found under Settings -> Advanced -- You can now add keyword/phrase mutes here -- You can now remove individual hashtag mutes from this page -- Additional mute functionality/configurability will be added here in the future - Improved long tweet handling for streamed-in tweets (another day, another different way Twitter decided to do the same thing) - You can now RT and Like your own tweets (hey, who are we to judge) - Fixed potential mishandling of cached tweet data in some cases (unclear if this caused any actual problems) - Fixed a crash when loading conversations in certain cases involving protected accounts, and made this more robust to future changes on Twitter's end - Fixed a crash which could happen when using the "r" and "t" hotkeys in certain cases - Fixed a rare crash when sending a new DM 4.1.9 (4.1.499) - Images and videos no longer count against tweet character limits - Tweets that are more than 140 characters in the old counting model are no longer truncated with recursively looping self-links - Fixed a problem where the scroll position could jump backward unexpectedly when using the scroll bar or collapsing an expanded tweet Note: Additional changes are needed to support replies and quote-links not counting against tweet limits


Tweetium is the premium Windows Twitter client you've been waiting for. It's slick. It's fast. It's been designed with ample feedback from serious Twitter users, with the goal of helping you get the most out of Twitter on Windows desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. The base app price gets you the fully featured Universal app with support for using one Twitter account at a time. You can then optionally subscribe to Tweetium Pro services from inside the app. The Pro add-on service enables support for up to 7 accounts, push notifications (mentions, DMs, RTs, quotes, favs, and new followers), a richer Connect view powered by Tweetium Pro notification servers, TweetMarker sync, and integrated news reading powered by our other app, Newseen. Read more about the Tweetium Pro offer on our website.


  • Modern flow layout combines the best of information density and rich media
  • Flexible design adjusts to portrait, snap, and everything in-between
  • Smart streaming-based feed with robust connectivity and suspend/resume handling. No more manual refreshing!
  • Post new tweets with fast username auto-complete.
  • Photo upload support - including pasting image data and files directly into the tweet composer!
  • View lists you've created and subscribed to, and pin favorites to the navigation bar for easy access.
  • Search for users and tweets, and pin your favorite searches and hashtags
  • Rich embedding of several third-party media types
  • Powerful conversation and DM support with a rich, real-time updating conversation view.
  • Multi-window support - Open multiple full instances, or break out specific tabs.
  • Over a dozen color schemes, choose your favorite!
  • Automatic roaming of color scheme, pinned lists, and read states.
  • Live tile lets you know about new mentions and DMs, and can cycle from your timeline or a pinned list
  • Full integration with the Share charm for sharing to and from Tweetium
  • Quickly jump to your last seen tweet for your timeline, lists, or searches.
  • Multiple account support! (Requires additional Pro purchase)
  • TweetMarker support! (Require additional Pro purchase)

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5 February 2017

The app used to be AMAZING, best GUI for a twitter app. It hasn't received a lot of love and a lot of features have broken since the release. Conversation threads don't always populate with all replys. Sometimes loading pictures causes the app to crash, not all media plays properly. I want to really like the app as I've subscribed to the extra service for years, but it feels like support has lapsed or the Twitter API is now so closed nobody can make a good Twitter app.


26 January 2017

You will continue to see my TWEETS about BOYCOTTTWEETIM because it only allows for US to purchase this crap. I will post and not even use the trial now. You insult us and that is something I have issue with. I will continue posting #BoycottTweetium listing it to your Twitter. You can block me but EVERYONE else will see it still!


21 January 2017



1 January 2017

This was easily the best twitter app for all Windows devices, it has not been updated in months and the dev stopped responding to social media. Tweetium now crashes nearly every time it is used and is in desperate need of alot of bug fixes since Windows has had alot of changes since Tweetiums last update. Do not buy the premium version until the dev commits to supporting it


19 December 2016

This app used to be the best Twitter app out there...but like so very many other apps on this platform, it appears to have been abandoned. My condolences to those who paid for it. As of Insider build 14986, it crashes after almost every refresh. Essentially unusable now. Just a real shame.


18 November 2016

Was the best badly needs an update at this time


11 November 2016

Seeing some problems on Insider builds. Worked great on 14959 but many problems on 14965. Problems include crashes, not being able to open conversation in messages tag, hangs when trying to scroll on timeline. It definitely started after the install of the latest insider preview.


7 November 2016

Muting others does nothing to keep them from showing in notifications. I like the platform, and still have months left on the year's sub, but until the mute function works as it should, I'm off trying other apps.


2 November 2016

First off. Tweetium has one of the best GUIs for navigating through thousands and thousands of tweets, and I enjoy it's keeps up-to-date behind the scenes. Messages are up-to-date, and if someone mentions or DM me, I get a notification. For a small, one-time fee, a premium version can be purchased that unlocks customization options like different themes, but there's a more premium, subscription-based service that locks simple features that are free with other Twitter apps. Multi-account is one of those features that is BLOCKED behind a pay wall. This app would be a homerun 5/5 rating if not for the poor subscription and pay walls. Hopefully the company will reconsider.


23 October 2016

Slowly but surely it is dying. Lack of support? Maybe. Now it won't update at all unless I close the app and reopen. Not even force refresh will work

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