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Simply the best TIP calculator in the marketplace! Designed to be clear and simple this app is functionality at its purest. Direct input of the amount, save preferences like your favorite tip and rounding amounts. It has ALL the functions, including splitting with detail and sending your split detail via email. It is actively maintained, so should you want something in here RATE this app and let me know. If you like it let me know by reviewing the app. Some of the highlights: - Save your favorite Tip percentage so that you don't have to enter it every time. - Correctly round the total and split values, making it easy for split payments and cash payments. - Will NEVER underpay due to floating point miscalculations like other tipping applications. - Calculate pre-tax tip, post-tax tip or simply add a percentage, touch your bill to see the value change. - Super clear quick and logical interface. No learning curve, round a number by touching it. - Gesture swipe left to backspace. - Simply enter your bill amount for an instantaneous answer, shortest possible entry to answer interface possible. - Free and always will be I have no interest in advertising or any other form of capital gain from this app. - Secure, no data is accessed or sent back and the calculator will work even in airplane mode. - Split detail bill and tip for individuals completing their own credit card slips. - QuickADD allows you to simply add numbers right then and there in the interface. - Email out your bill. - Physical keyboard entry. Updates: - Version 2.5 / Finally caught the task bug, thanks go to Brent G, Stew P, Dwain M, Scott L - Version 2.4 / Removed debug information on SMS and added Share App - Version 2.3 / Added Share by SMS and Email (Feature requested by boardryder4)

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22 April 2017

So simple.


21 April 2017

Awesome and easy!!!


19 April 2017

Best tip calculator across all platforms bar none! My go-to app!


18 April 2017

Use all the time


9 April 2017

Very simple and very fast. Makes it super easy to calculate for splitting the bill among any number of people


21 March 2017

It works well for me, I like it alot.


3 March 2017

Cool 😎


15 February 2017

GET THIS APP - it simply works, and works well! I have owned a successful software development company for 30 years and appreciate when apps work per the description. LOVE the "round up total to nearest whole number" feature! Doing the following (admittedly minor) items would get a 5 star rating in my book: Ability to use a decimal point in the default tip percentage and when entering the Bill Amount. I understand not requiring a decimal point can be a speed/convenience feature for some, but old habits of entering the decimal point die hard... Also, it would be more convenient if the tip amount slider was less sensitive. All that said, I would purchase this app AS IS since FOR ME it seems to work better than others.


4 February 2017

User friendly


19 January 2017

I use this app every time we go out to eat... Especially with or friends. It's the best laid out simplest app to use that really provides value. And it's on a Windows phone!! Thank you for making this app!!

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