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The ESPN App

The ESPN app for Windows 8, offered on desktop and tablet, provides sports fans with all the things they love about ESPN in a single place. Get up- to- the -minute scores, news, and analysis for all your favorite teams, leagues, and players. Access rich, in depth content from the leader in sports. Download the ESPN app for Windows 8 for a deeper sports experience than ever before! For a limited time, ESPN Insider content is available for a free in the ESPN App for Windows!


  • Access a completely personalized experience that syncs with your myESPN account
  • Follow breaking news, and get real time scoring alerts and updates through live tiles and deep pinning.
  • Get expanded game views that provide in-depth game coverage.
  • Listen to your favorite ESPN podcasts including Mike and Mike, PTI with Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser and The BS Report with Bill Simmons.
  • Stay informed with comprehensive editorial content from ESPN The Magazine.
  • Share your favorite news and video highlights with your friends!

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25 March 2017

UI design is so bad. It's not UWP and so it's pretty useless.


23 March 2017

Why is it forced FULLSCREEN!?!? Can't move it to a secondary monitor even...


22 March 2017

this app is my go to sports app it is awesome, it tracks my teams, gives me updates, and makes sure I am never lost when it comes to my teams.


16 March 2017

Terrible UI, doesn't let me change my live tile, cannot watch live sports, cannot customize interface. This could be so much better. Expect more from ESPN


15 March 2017

You guys are still hocking the BS report on here. Current podcasts please!


14 March 2017

extremely slow and glitchy. Takes forever to load and doesn't work properly when it does. I can't turn on my favorite teams scores for the live tile. I click and it immediately shuts it back off. Needs a major fix


12 March 2017

The app want let me login. And I know my username and password.


6 March 2017

I've tried to use this app a number of times over the past couple years, each time hoping a new update will make it usable. Seriously, do the app devs *use* the app? If they did they would see what a mess it is. Frequent crashes, frozen frames, non-existant navigation, and more. Also, why in the world would they make it a full-screen or nothing app? Like most of their shows, this app is tired. Go back to basics, ESPN.


5 March 2017

They do not even make an effort. Look at all the reviews. Yet there is no change. You will not see crap. It will freeze, it will crash. ESPN has become arrogant and obnoxious. Playing politics instead of doing their jobs. With all their money they cannot find a fifteen year old kid to fix their junk? Knew their was a reason I cancelled ESPN. Will watch locally televised games only. ESPN cannot figure out why they have lost customers.


4 March 2017

I have to use my android to listen to podcasts. The section in the Windows 10 App only shows a BS show form 2013..Laaaaame

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