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    • Access your Internet connection
    • Access your Internet connection and act as a server.
    • Access your home or work networks
    • Use data stored on an external storage device
    • Use your music library
    • Use your pictures library
    • Use your video library
    • Access to your Account’s username and picture
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    * 1.0.0 (11/24/2016) - XBOX One ready - Chromecast Audio Multiroom support - German language (07/29/2016) Bugfix : Sort buttons are back! (07/19/2016) - Current track is shown in the player now (in medium or fullscreen) - Various Bug Fixes and performances improvments (06/27/2016) - New feature : Open an URL - DLNA Drive workaround for large folders and some drives - Various Bug Fixes (06/14/2016) - Various Bug Fixes (06/09/2016) - Background Audio volume bug fixed - Workaround for YAMAHA DLNA devices which won't show duration (thanks Hante!) - If you like our app, please buy it, it REALLY helps us to maintain and evolve it, thank you ;)! 05/31/2016 - Pin Transparent Tile via the Settings 05/30/2016 - Fix for keeping the same volume on AppleTV after each playing 03/29/2016 - Chromecast bug fix (was due to the new firmware) - Crash fix (bug in UWP : crash while going to fullscreen sometimes) - DLNA server better handled (MonkeyServer) - Few minor bugfixes in UI 01/21/2016 - Crash fix (was due to big pictures) - Chromecast crash fix (same problem !) - minor bugfixes ---------- 01/20/2016 - BIG UPDATE ! Monetization: - 1 more FREE day in trial per app update New drive sources : - DLNA Media Server - GoogleDrive - DropBox - Freebox (famous French Internet Box)


Playcast is an awesome Media Player for playing or casting your videos, songs or pictures to your TV, Chromecast, Chromecast Audio - Multiroom too -, Apple TV (AirPlay), DLNA Smart TV, Miracast, Internet Box, XBOX One, XBOX 360 etc. - Playlists / add to queue - local and cloud files (OneDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox etc.) - Fast and handy interface - Universal app (Continuum ready) - Slideshows and shuffle - Picture in preview (PIP) Several cool ways to use Playcast : - Use it as your main media player / music player - Send your music playlist to your TV during your diner - Send a diaporama of your holidays pictures and videos to your TV - Create a movie then watch it on your TV. After bringing the cast to YouTube users with our app "Tubecast", we're happy to bring your own files to your TV with Playcast, enjoy !


  • Cast your videos, songs and pictures to DLNA devices, Chromecast and AppleTV

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23 February 2017

Like the interface. Don't like the "Error" and not working with media and Chromecast.


19 February 2017

I like all the features.. I only haven't bought it because it doesn't support external subtitles (like srt files)


7 February 2017

The app is very good i use the app to cast one folder to KODI on smart tv, smartphone, HD box, and then i goto bedroom to see it, Xbox ONE is still in livingroom. The app better than everything app on store.


31 January 2017

The one day trial version worked great but as soon as I paid and activated the app it stopped working.


29 January 2017

no airplay and thanks for the trail failure!!


27 January 2017

This app is good, but I cannot play my Deezer music. Is it solvable to add another source of music? Thanks


26 January 2017

I'd have been pretty upset if I paid for this. One would think, given that Windows 10 can let you add in devices to which to 'Cast' (Roku/DLNA devices, etc) that this app would just look at the list and use those as casting choices. But nope. It finds NONE of them and though it runs on Windows, doesn't use the Windows devices. (it does find my Google Home device though - but none of my other renderer devices that other apps (And even Windows) finds (My receiver, my TV, my Roku, etc...). Plus it appears to only cast to ONE of these at a time (Even though it's intercepting the Audio stream and could therefore cast to more than one - nope it doesn't). Rather makes the 'Whole House' concept defunct. Whole house if you use MultiRoom from another (Chromecast) system. Waste of money. (That I fortunately didn't waste with a Trial!) Try before you buy. Might fit your needs. But its so limited presently and the design seems so short sighted that it seems unlikely it'll ever be better.


24 January 2017

App keeps restarting when I use DNLA Devices


22 January 2017

don't like it


18 January 2017

cast movies and pictures but not go pro videos even low resolution go pro videos please update this and ill purchase app

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