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MSN Travel

MSN Travel: Your ultimate travel companion, from inspiration to booking. Easily plan and book your getaways, both close to home and away from it all.


  • Get ideas for your next trip with the latest and greatest travel stories, photo galleries and videos.
  • Search and book flights and hotels.
  • Check any flight's status.

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27 March 2017


18 December 2016

Very good


27 November 2016

MS installed this on my machine without my consent. Wish I could rate it ZERO stars!!!!! FU Microsoft.


18 November 2016

Vdg huh


16 November 2016

Vvv. dfffffnm Bddsssssc mm.


2 November 2016

It' could be more interesting..


10 October 2016

,kzmzvmb innovation uym


17 September 2016

Great bold enough that I can travel


3 September 2016

very nice


2 September 2016

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