Informed American

Informed American will help you find all congress members and then show you their voting records, bills they sponsored/co-sponsored, who is financing their campaigns and how every member of congress voted on a specific bill. Build watch list of bills, members of congress or committees and see how your representatives are voting before most news outlets. See what bills are in committee, waiting for the House or Senate, got Filibustered, Enacted or just getting introduced. This app uses data from Sunlight Labs, GovTrack and Open Secrets, but none of those organizations endorsed this application.


  • Find voting records
  • Search for candidates
  • Find congress members
  • See campaign finance info.
  • Find legislations.
  • See votes on legislation.
  • Follow bills, committees and members of congress.
  • Setup your own dashboard of what bills, committees and/or members you want to track.

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13 March 2017

Find out what committees your reps are part of, what they're voting on, the daily agenda, & their contact info (including social media accounts) all in one place. Mine consistently stays current, and I find it both informative & useful. Doesn't take long to learn the navigation. Well organized.


12 March 2017

Good for keeping our eyes on the D.C. swamp. Get it done, Donny.😉 Make America Great Again !!!


5 March 2017

It opens up a view to the legislative process. Just knowing what is going on encourages more informed participation. Very well designed and easy to use.


28 February 2017

It does not update to current data


3 January 2017

I like what you are trying to do with this but it would be nice if (1) the old decrepit/defeated were not there after the election and whatnot...John Boehner should not be popping up first thing! Reid is also leaving at the end of the 'lame duck session'. Politicians should be put in their new homes on committees and subcommittees asap. When those assignments haven't been filled yet, just leave a shadow. It also needs to pull in more material. Also tell us when you plan to do daily update. And it should have the ability to notify us political schizods through Cortana or something XYZ to alert us that a bill we care about is coming up for a vote, etc. Linking a calendar/call/time feature would be pretty royal dude!


30 December 2016

I do not see anything else like this, and it allows easy access to very important and current information. It is easy to navigate and understand. I was excited to try it and will keep it!


10 December 2016

Bills passed are disorganized and incomplete. Intentionally confusing presentation of information.


10 July 2016

I can NOT believe what i'm seeing! OMG have you seen HOW MUCH $$MONIES$$ these "legislators" are receiving??!! what a bunch of B*LLSH*T!!! they do not need all that, and to think we have one of the highest numbers of homelessness in the nation, think of what that money could do to help that?! selfish greedy disgusting pigs! Anarchy, isn't really my thing, but, the government is deceiving and has totally deviated away from the true meaning our forefathers had in mind when they all signed the Consitution... I believe it started out... WE THE PEOPLE.... not...... WE THE GOVERNMENT OF GREEDY PIGS and oh yeah and then I guess them people!! SHAME ON ALL YOU IN GOV. JOBS & VERY VERY OVER PAID POSITIONS, how can you sleep soundly knowing, you could be helping those, who are without, and are in die or need! I hope @least 1 person will read this and contact their "legislator" & ask what are they (gov) doing to help, WE THE PEOPLE, mostly & especially those who go w/o daily!! S.T. -in- WA STATE


6 June 2016

Is a Good idea but need more work, more info about the corporations and individuals that are giving money to the lawnmakers


15 April 2016

the best

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