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  • Category: Music
  • Published by: RafaelWare Team ?
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    • Access your Internet connection and act as a server.
    • Use your music library
    • Use your video library
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    * What's New (14/07/2016) - Bug Fixes - Updated some Data Sources. What's New (27/05/2016) - Added ability to play all songs found through "Find Similar Songs" - Fixed a bug where the app doesn't randomize songs when user taps on "Shuffle" - Fixed a bug where the app would crash if user attempts to edit tags for a playing song. What's New (02/04/2016) - Improved Search Experience - Ability to cancel downloads - Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements. What's New (03/16/2016) - Bug Fixes What's New (03/12/2016): - Glorious Live Tiles: The app now shows you the current playing song with its artist/album image and song name. - Have a Mp3 Tag Editor app installed? Uninstall it, because Holla! now has a built in mp3 tag editor which uses all of the app data sources to get the right tags for your MP3 files. - Added: ability to specify which page the app should go to when first open (Hot Now, Search, Music Player, or My Collection). - Fixed: Memory leaks. The app should utilize less memory now, more improvements to come. - Improved startup time and views loading times. - Major code refactoring. What's New (03/03/2016): - Notification messages are now colored based on message type (Info, Success, Warning, Error) - Fixed a bug where audio downloaded from Youtube videos won't play. - Fixed a bug where songs that start with small letters are not displayed in the collection page.


Holla! is a music discovery app that allows you to explore, save, stream and download any song you like with millions of tracks available. Build your collection, organize it in playlists and enjoy listening to high quality MP3s. App features: - Discover hot tracks and artists. - Search for songs, albums, artists and Youtube videos. - Save, stream and download songs. - Save, stream and download entire albums. - Save, stream and download Youtube Videos. - Export saved songs and videos to your phone's music library for other apps to access them. - Songs you download are automatically tagged with the correct artist and album info along with the correct album art using ID3V2 tag format. -Read lyrics while listening to your songs and discover the meaning of words you don't understand (Awesome feature for rap fans). - Share the song lyrics or just a small part of them with your friends. - Share videos with friends. - Build playlists from songs in your collection. - Find songs similar to songs in your collection. - Built-In LAST.FM scrobbler which scrobbles the track you listen to in real time. - Read about artists and albums and discover similar artists their work. - Convert Youtube videos you found using the app to MP3s and download them. - Edit or find tags for MP3 files on your phone. - Backup your collection and restore it whenever you want. The app aggregates data from over 20 different sources (and we are adding even more) to get the best metadata, lyrics, videos and MP3s for you. Please note that this app streams songs the user chooses to play, these songs might contain explicit lyrics or glamorizes excessive or irresponsible use of alcohol or tobacco products, drugs, or weapons. This is purely the user's choice and we have no control over that. This app is free but it is ad-supported, the ads are simple banners at the bottom of the screen, they are not intrusive and we need them to support the app development. If you don't like the ads, you can remove them by purchasing the "No Ads" in app purchase from within the app. This will motivate us and help us bring more features in the future updates. Bugs are expected, please report them to us directly using the app and not the review section on this page. 1C8PTQE


  • Explore music
  • Discover new artists
  • Build playlists
  • Keep offline copies of your songs
  • Read songs lyrics
  • Watch, save and share Youtube videos
  • Scrobble tracks to last.fm

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12 January 2017



30 November 2016

If only the hamburger menu was at the bottom.


11 November 2016

Best app to date


10 November 2016

Still learning it


25 October 2016

App loading when open app


16 October 2016

Holla is the Doublelift of music apps for windows. "Everyone else is trash"


15 July 2016

Works perfectly fine, kudos to the developers and looking forward to updates with UI refinements and new features!


14 July 2016

I got 4 stars cause it was crush a little while 😁


5 July 2016

Hands down, the best! 'nough said!


2 July 2016

The app is awesome. I am able to find any track I want. But there are some ways you can improve the app usability like, it should have an option to see the file size and bitrates. Also there should be an option to directly download the song/album to the device/sd card without playing, saving and then caching the song. And it consumes too much data that can be a problem for people like me who have limited data plans. I downloaded a song of about 11MB and when I close the app to check the data uses it had consumed about 75MB of my cellular data which is about 7 times the size of the song. So you need to fix this and also make the app universal so that people can use it on their PCs.

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