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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States), French, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian (Nynorsk), Czech, Lithuanian
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    * Changes in version 7.3 include: - App rewritten and refreshed as a universal Windows 10 app. Currently only available for desktop/tablet, a mobile version is coming soon. - Updated look and feel for Windows 10 - Features previously only found in the mobile version is now also available in the Windows 10 version, including support for multiple live tiles and configurable tile background appearance. - Many small features and improvements.


Forecast is a fast and fluid weather app. The app features detailed weather forecast for millions of locations around the world. It includes a live tile with multi-day forecast, in-app weather graphs, as well as location (GPS) based weather. The app's appearance is highly configurable with both color and image themes available, including Bing™ image of the day. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius is supported, as well various units for wind speed, precipitation and pressure, all changeable from within the app's settings.


  • Current conditions - Detailed current weather conditions
  • Weather observations - Displays weather observations where available
  • Week view - Displays at-a-glance, yet detailed, weather forecast for the entire week
  • Meteogram - Shows weekly and hourly as easy to read meteogram graphs
  • Location aware - Detects your location and automatically downloads your weather
  • Live tile - Can show weather for a specific location, or "roam" with your location
  • Lock screen - Can show weather on the lock screen (Mobile only)
  • Favorites - Easy access to your favorite weather locations
  • Themes - Different UI themes, with both solid colors and images, to suit your style
  • World wide - Supports locations all over the world, and display units can be adjusted

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8 May 2017

great UI


3 May 2017

Looks alright - but installed on two machines and on neither is the live tile working. Weather apps are one of the few that really benefit from a live tile and it's important to how I use them.


2 May 2017

Finally I can have weather on lock screen on windows 10 mobile.


11 April 2017

Love that this program does lock screen weather. I wish they would make different backgrounds for different weather conditions but hoping for that in new releases. Lots of information and the metogram is awesome.


10 April 2017

Clean, relevant, uncluttered interface.


18 March 2017

Great weather app all around to help me get over the fact that Amazing Weather is no longer available. Just a few suggestions for improvement: maybe using weather underground as the US weather source for true hour-by-hour forecasting and possible precipitation details (such as how many inches of rain will fall tomorrow morning). I would love to see this app keep improving so keep up the great work devs!


21 February 2017

The forecast info actually gives a forecast which I have found lacking in other apps I've tried.


18 February 2017

App looks great from what I've seen so far. Two requests I have: 1. Allow live tile data for small tiles. I likely will buy this app if that is added. 2. Allow for personal album images to be rotated on the lockscreen. Currently only one static image can be selected. With the imminent death of Amazing Weather HD which I've used for years, I'm excited to switch to Forecast as my main weather app. Just add my first request please! :)


3 February 2017

Beautiful app when it isn't crashing on my Surface 2.


24 January 2017

I got the trial primary to test the lock screen functionality. Unfortunately, it's not as good as I'd hoped. It's not available with glance, and there is interference with the PIN and/or the windows hello text and media controls. Worst of all, it regularly completely stops working, reverting to the default lock screen with the Windows 10 hero image.

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