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Essential Anatomy 3

As seen in Microsoft's New Surface's TV Commercial. The best selling human anatomy app ever! (Requires 2GB usable RAM) Discover the flagship product from the biggest anatomy app producer in the world, Essential Anatomy 3. ***** Number 1 Medical iPad app in over 95 countries worldwide ***** Groundbreaking 3D Technology - No competitor competes with graphics and medical accuracy ***** Tuaw: "Make no mistake about it: Essential Anatomy by 3D4Medical is the future of touch-based anatomy learning."Essential Anatomy is an app every doctor, physiotherapist, OT, nurse and medical student should own." ***** NOW with over 4,000 anatomical structures, including 10 systems powered by our custom built 3D graphics engine ESSENTIAL ANATOMY 3 Essential Anatomy 3 represents the latest in groundbreaking 3D technology and innovative design. A cutting edge 3D graphics engine, custom built by 3D4Medical from the ground up, powers a highly-detailed anatomical model and delivers outstanding quality graphics that no other competitor can achieve. The app represents a unique approach to learning general anatomy. The graphics are unparalleled and make learning, through the use of informative content and innovative features, a rich and engaging experience. This app includes essential anatomy for 10 systems: ⁃Skeletal ⁃Muscles ⁃Connective Tissue ⁃Veins ⁃Arteries ⁃Nerves ⁃Respiratory ⁃Digestive ⁃Urinary ⁃Lymphatic ⁃also includes the Brain and Heart NEW 3D TECHNOLOGY Essential Anatomy 3 is responsive, visually stunning and effortless. The app is fully 3D, meaning that you can view any anatomic structure in isolation, as well as from any angle. EFFORTLESS NAVIGATION & FUNCTIONALITY Clever functionality found within the app allows the user to strip away layers of muscle as well as being able to turn on/off systems without the need to deselect individual structures or muddle through a multitude of predefined regional tabs, like other apps. PREMIUM INTERFACE DESIGN Essential Anatomy 3 is designed with the user in mind - the body itself becomes the interface. Unlike other 3D apps, which rely on predefined anatomic arrangements and regional dissections to guide the user, 3D4Medical’s Essential Anatomy 3 lets you find what you are looking for without complication. ---- New 3D technology via 3D4Medical's latest graphics engine ---- Over 4,000 highly detailed anatomical structures ---- Multiple Selection Mode - Hide/Fade/Isolate individual or multiple structures ---- Preset and customizable Bookmarks ---- Correct audio pronunciation for every structure ---- Latin nomenclature for each anatomical structure ---- User friendly and intuitive interface ---- Multiple search options ---- Dynamic quiz function - Drag and Drop and Multi-choice ---- Custom search modes ---- Extensive social media tools and sharing capability Any feedback? We thrive on engaging with customers and, unfortunately, can’t respond directly to reviews. Contact our customer support at info@3d4medical.com. You will receive a response promptly!

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20 April 2017

I downloaded the trial to see if I thought it was worth purchasing. Loads smoothly and has fantastic features. I tried using the search feature just to see how it worked, and I typed in "tibial tuberosity" and nothing appeared. Is this because I'm using a trial version, or is that not in the program once bought? I also tried typing in "foramen magnum", and when nothing appeared, just "foramen", and still nothing. There's no way for me to know if these are missing from the trial version or from the app entirely. If it's just the trial version that's fine - but if it's not there overall that's rather disappointing :/


24 March 2017

Perfect for my anatomy review for med school!


7 March 2017

So I got this app because I love Anatomy/Phys. and am an EMT-B/Premed student. It's useful for what it has: information on the human body with specification on Anatomy/Phys. My main issue is right after I downloaded the product, it told me to upgrade (a high/more expensive product) to a newer version. I would have appreciated knowing that this wasn't the highest or best product they had BEFORE spending $15 on it. It's a good app, it's just that they should include ALL features or advertise elsewhere. After seeing the newest product, I'd LOVE to buy it, but do not have the money to spend on it now. I also don't like how you HAVE to use the skeleton as a default structure. In order to see certain organs, you need to manually remove individual bone to access a better view. Otherwise a good app overall.


6 March 2017

Remove the upgrade icon from my screen


1 March 2017

Update broke it


9 February 2017

In a graduate degree studying Chiropractic. As you can imagine I study the human body in great detail, especially bones, muscles and ligaments. I use this app in my open labs when the specimens dont have a good example of what I need to see. Great reference tool. Like all anatomy apps/books the names of specific structures may vary slightly. This app is pretty good about the names of tiny little structures. HIGHLY recommend buying it.


8 February 2017



1 February 2017

I was looking a detailed description of anatomical structures, but the bony structures only had the name of the bone and nothing more. For example, the C7 vertebrae only had 2 structures labeled. Not very detailed.


28 January 2017

I use this all the time for gross anatomy. I take my Surface to lab and use it to guide dissections and whatnot, but I prepare beforehand. It would be perfect if it allowed for saving of dissections, so that I don't have to go back and clear out all of the extra nerves/vessels/muscles that get in the way when observing deep organs/tissues. I love it regardless. I wish I could give it a 4.5 because it's so close to being there.


17 January 2017

All of this at your fingertips.

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