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    • Access your Internet connection
    • Access your home or work networks
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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
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    * New in this release: • Bug fixes

Citrix Receiver

Requires a specific configuration. Ask your IT department how to get started. Citrix Receiver lets you access enterprise files, applications, and desktops on the go. If your company uses Citrix, you can work on your favorite Windows 8 or RT computer or tablet from wherever you are. For extra functionality, consider using the full Receiver for Windows. You can download it at http://citrix.com/receiver.


  • Secure access to virtual desktops and enterprise apps
  • Work anywhere on any Windows 8 computer or tablet
  • Account configuration using your email address, a server URL, or a provisioning file
  • Use of multiple published apps at a time
  • Automatic keyboard display
  • Use of native controls for selecting an item from a list
  • Pan and zoom gestures
  • Windows 8 shortcuts
  • East Asian languages input
  • Option to save your password if allowed by server

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18 March 2017

I cannot open this app in a dual screen setup. I can only use 1 screen.


15 March 2017

Downloading this app affected my gotomypc account, now it shows a black screen when loading and is very slow. I had a previous version of this app with the same OS and it was fine. Please fix this bug, very frustrating.


14 March 2017

Utterly useless and frustrating. After sign on, nothing works.


1 March 2017

I have installed this for several users and resolved their Citrix Portal issues but today I installed it for a user and instead of each app in the portal opening it opens each subsequent app over the previous so you cannot see each app. Say Communicator opens 1st, then Web-mail, Communicator is no longer available. It must be a configuration issue but I can't find where to tell it to open in multiple windows so the user can access all their required apps. Of course I can find nothing on this on the Citrix site


17 February 2017

The receiver on Android works fine. This one, not so much.


7 February 2017

Will not login to my account and freezes up.


6 February 2017

Unlike the Android version, it doesn't have mouse/trackpad feature, which is a necessity for phones, especially on those with small screen. It also needs a keyboard with special keys, like the Windows key, Control, Alt, Esc, etc.


2 February 2017

Black screen on Citrix - does not work


1 February 2017

Just as the headline states as well as nearly everyone else commenting... Continuu, Support!


31 January 2017

I've got a SP4, which is super fast, reliable and new. Citrix on the other hand, once downloaded, logged in and ready to go, won't work. It will not open ANY apps. There is no load screen, there is no functionality, no error messages, just a screen with buttons and no interactivity, nothing. Download citrix from their website because this app will not function quite as well. If you're lucky it might work on your device, aside from that, this app is a waste of time. I will admit that at first it seemed like a promising app with the login and verification, but afterwards, it doesn't do anything. Why is this even an app?

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