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    * Updates: 1. New competitive feature: Squad Showdown 2. New Hero: Ronin Hero Skill Name: Hidden Zen Hero Skill Description: Deals X% ATK DMG to enemies in front of the Hero every Xs for Xs. Cooldown: Xs. This Hero is Elusive for Xs every Xs. (When Elusive, Hero is undetectable by enemy troops, Totems and Traps, and is immune to all ATK DMG and Conditions. Also increases Hero's CRIT Rate by X%.) 3. New Pet: Chickaboom Pet Skill Name: Fowl Play Pet Skill Description: Fires a rocket when its Hero attacks, dealing X% Pet ATK DMG to a random enemy target. Has X% chance to deal Xx damage. Target also takes X% more DMG for Xs. (Cooldown: Xs) 4. Guild Names can now be changed. (Requires Guild members to donate Name Erasers to the Guild. The Guild Name can be changed by the Guild Leader or Vice Leader with 10 donated Name Erasers.) 5. Added an interface to view the contents of Hero Cards. Adjustments: 1. Guild Wars Battle Chances will now be deducted normally, if connection is lost when Guild Wars progress is above 50%. 2. Added schedule for Lost Battlefield results update (23:55-00:05 server time, daily). Lost Battlefield will be closed when results are being updated. 3. Increased maximum slots in Heroes Altar by 1. (Max 78 slots) 4. Increased maximum slots in the Warehouse by 10. (Max 190 slots) 5. Vice Leaders can now edit Guild Notice messages.

Castle Clash

●●● Assemble your forces for a bigger, better Clash! ●●● Packed with exciting combat and fast-paced strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions! Hire powerful Heroes to lead your army of mythical creatures. Fight your way to become the world's greatest warlord. Put your strategies to the test in dungeons, raids, and more! With over 100 million players worldwide, it's always time to clash! Now available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Korean. Game Features: * Build an impenetrable fortress! * Choose from many different units to create the ultimate army! * Collect and evolve dozens of powerful heroes! * Assemble your favorite heroes for the all-new "Squad Showdown"! * Become best buds with adorable Pets! * Battle fearsome bosses with friends from around the world! * Join Fortress Feud for Guild-on-Guild fun! * Exciting co-op and PvP modes, more than any other mobile strategy game! Note:This game requires an internet connection. Visit our Facebook Page at:http://www.facebook.com/CastleClash


  • Bring Pets to fight by your Heroes’ side!
  • Beat back hordes of vicious foes in Here Be Monsters!
  • Battle the dangers of the Lost Realm and uncover its riches!
  • Build and fortify your impenetrable fortress!
  • Pit your Heroes against other players in the Arena!
  • Create your very own Guild and lead it to victory in Torch Battles!
  • Join other players and conquer Team Dungeons!
  • Create the ultimate army from a dozen different troops!