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    • Access your Internet connection
    • Access your Internet connection and act as a server.
    • Use data stored on an external storage device
    • Use your location
    • Use your webcam
    • Use your pictures library
  • Supported processors: x86, x64
  • Language: English (United States), English, French, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese (Traditional Chinese)
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    * Update: June 7 Version: 1.9.7 Feature updates: 1. Add a quick search function, you can enter the location, time, folders, photos and other find your photos. Simply type "dogs" you can find your dog. 2. add customized character function, you can identify the character named, such as "small". 3. live tiles can now specify folders. 4. modify the part of the UI style, made more beautiful. 5. modify some errors and improve stability. Update: March 30 Version: 1.9.6 Feature updates 1. GIF playback support. 2. Add photos show the zoom function, you can adjust preferences photos show the number of each line in the photo stream. 3. optimize the photo grouping logic to make easier to find photos in photostream. 4. modify the part of the UI style, made more beautiful. 5. modify some errors and improve stability. 6. Add user agreement and the privacy policy, improve feedback mechanisms. Fast operation 1. browse for single picture drag the picture or click on SPACEBAR to quit browsing. 2. album cover sliding to the right and the left edge of the page to quickly exit album. 3. drag the album cover pages you can switch between different albums. 4. in the photostream page click on Ctrl + "+" or "-" switch layout size.


CAMERA360 photos, record every moment of life. Camera360 photo application and service allows you to easily manage growing photos in the computer. New UI design is the benchmark for Windows 10 applications. Meanwhile, latest pictures of cloud services can make your computer in unprecedented ways to find your photos and videos. In addition, using the editing tools you can also continue to repair your photos, and share them with their families. Photo management: Camera360 photos have been carefully designed, can automatically organize your photos based on time taken. Meanwhile, the zoom controls in the toolbar allows you to freely adjust the number of pictures displayed on the screen to get fit your own view. Smart search: Camera360 photo clouds to automatically organize your pictures intorecent searches, in the past, today, people familiar with, recently visited places andthings which are easy to understand categories, easier for you to find these pictures. You can also directly in the search box, type the value you want to find a certain time or a certain place to find the photos. Or would you like to see your dog Damon, enter "dog" a try. Quick fix: you can use the editing tools to perfect your photos as much as possible. If you are a beginner, effects include dozens of filters to easily make your photos huanran line. If you want to adjust more advanced, the use of light, clarity, these tools can achieve.

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23 February 2017

Very nice...


16 February 2017

Weird to call it "camera360" when it is not a camera app and I don't see a way to take pictures with it.


12 February 2017

want to take a photos


7 February 2017



11 January 2017

such an awesome photo editing app its work like a pro and its free great


8 January 2017

So far I like it but have only used it for a little while.


4 January 2017

error 04


1 January 2017

Only use it once before but had mild success.


31 December 2016

Melhor app do mundo 😍😍😍


27 December 2016

I like it beacause it was takes great pics

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