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    * 21/9/2016) - Added an option to position lockscreen text in the middle on Win10. - Fixed misplaced lockscreen image on Win10. * (27/3/2016) - Added new medium daily live tile. - Fixed animation clarity on some devices - More info on the main screen (swipe up) - Ads in trial mode (5 days) - Bug fixes ** Updated 20 April, 2014 ** - Support for Transparent Live Tiles (WP8.1) ** Updated 1 Mar, 2014 ** - Bug fixes ** Updated 14 Feb, 2014 ** - Added support for 10 day forecast. - New amazing images for lock-screen. - Reduced animation flickering. - Better support for Meteoalarm.eu - Fixed lock screen updates not matching weather. - Added new Simplified Chinese and Hungarian languages.

Amazing Weather HD

#### Top (25) Paid app... The fastest most beautiful and informative weather app with dynamic lock screens and mix and match live tiles to bring you the ultimate experience on your phone. Beauty meets brain in Amazing Weather HD; have the most aesthetically pleasing app with live HD animations or a sleek modern look, and get the most weather details in addition to quick 7 days overview, hourly data, charts, warnings, satellite images, detailed forecasts, GPS live tiles, lock screens and much much more! Bring new life to your phone with Lock screens, a collection of background images specifically hand picked and styled in two themes with a variety of options to display weather info in your own unique taste. The tiles are just amazing; they're beautiful, live, re-sizable and configurable for each location! We offer you the choice of 9 different tiles for front or back in three sizes. Features: - 5 Live tiles and with auto location feature using GPS. - different cities and an optional auto location using GPS. - Customizable Live tiles themes for each city and two cool themes. - Weather Alerts.- Astonishing animations based on current conditions, and daily forecast. - Detailed current conditions data including UV, wind, visibility, humidity, pressure and more. - Seven days quick view weather forecast. - Detailed text and daily forecast.- Radar, infrared and satellite imagery. - Access to nearby Personal weather stations using GPS location. - Access to nearest station using GPS location. - Weather data provided by Weather Underground. More amazing updates are in the works! * updated (27/3/2016) - Added new medium daily live tile. - More info on the main screen (swipe up) - Ads in trial mode (5 days) - Bug fixes

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7 February 2017

It works well. I like the graphics.


6 February 2017

This app is made well! Many options for live tiles of any size.


1 February 2017

Very helpful


25 January 2017

Very nice to look at!


24 January 2017

Love it!


15 January 2017

Very gooood...better than all other weather apps....coool UI....accurate data...


14 January 2017

I've tried over 10 weather apps and this is my favorite when considering Live Tile functionality. No other app comes close. Some how I lost it when switching phones and couldn't find it in the store. I was very sad because I couldn't find anything else that had an awesome Live Tile. Finally, I searched for it through the web instead and found it. Not sure why it's not listed at the top of weather apps.


11 January 2017

The weather graphics for this app reflect creative ingenuity!


7 January 2017

I absolutely love the ability to have accurate conditions because of the thousands of weather stations throughout the US


5 January 2017

One of the few ways to get accurate Weather Underground data on Windows Phone.

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