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Get fresh recipe ideas from the Allrecipes community of more than 30 million home cooks! Search for recipes based on what’s in your fridge, or get inspired by seasonal dishes that change daily. Use recipe photos, ratings, and reviews to help you decide. Then, save your favorites to your Recipe Box and share them with friends!


  • More than 50,000 recipes and new recipes weekly
  • Search recipes by ingredient, dish type, and dietary preferences
  • Recipes include photos, nutrition information, rating and reviews
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26 March 2017

It is not polite to keep telling me my password is wrong. It was a different one than the computer's for Allrecipes, WITH a new password, it is so unkind of the computer to continue doing those types of things, unless there are hackers, ARE THERE?


12 March 2017

Many problems on Windows 10. Too bad I really liked the app.


2 February 2017

Used to work, this version broke, says cannot connect internet and just scrolls as other users comment


1 February 2017

I have this on my iPad and it's great. Worthless Windows 10 App. Least intuitive thing I've ever used. Glad it was free


10 January 2017

Just downloaded this app on a new windows laptop from Microsoft and the app won't load correctly like the old Sony did. Must be a new version of windows 10 the old version worked real well but I can not work with this anymore.


7 January 2017

When I select this app, it goes to Auto Scroll and I can't select any of the pictures and there is no Main Menu to select any functions. Also I received a message stating No Internet Connection. Hope these issues will be fixed.


3 January 2017

Not a big chief type of gay guy but can handle my own with Allrecipes.


1 January 2017

This was a great food app at one time. Can't save recipes like the old app. I could copy and paste any recipe. There are no connection issues, it does not work. Thanks........


31 December 2016

What happened?! and why hasn't it been fixed? This has been my favorite recipe app, so convenient to have on my tablet in the kitchen. Please get this fixed. addendum: I just realized, Allrecipes is on my new Amazon Echo Dot. Could this be a Microsoft vs Amazon thing?! Sure hope not. Can't we all just get along. My preference is to have the app on my tablet, to look at recipes and keep the one I'm using visible during cooking. Also, if the app is no longer supported, maybe the Microsoft Store should note this, or stop having the app as an option.


26 December 2016

So you can lookup recipies, thats it, no sorting, no catagories, bad navigation...Looks like this app was released in its concept stage.

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