360 Total Security

360 Total Security displays your computer protection status, startup time and disk usage, also offers quick access to key features including: - FULL CHECK checks the overall condition of your computers health and safety. - CLEAN UP frees your disk space by removing junk files and plugin which can improve system performance. 360 Total Security also offers antivirus and system optimization features: - VIRUS SCAN / ANTIVIRUS integrates award winning antivirus engines from 360 Cloud Scan Engine,360 QVMII AI Engine, Avira and Bitdefender to provide antivirus protection to help defend Viruses, Trojans and other emerging threats. - SPEED UP manages and optimizes your system services, boot up items and plugins to shorten your boot time. - ROUTER MANAGER analyses your Routers settings to ensure a safe and secure internet experience. - SANDBOX. You can run risky programs in Sandbox, threats will be kept separate from your system and isolated in the Sandbox. - PATCH UP offers the latest patches and security updates available for your operating system including Windows updates to keep your system up to date and running smoothly. - DISK COMPRESSION / SYSTEM BACKUP CLEANER helps get more disk space by compressing and removing unused system files. - BROWSER PROTECTION prevents unauthorized changes to your browser configurations such as homepage, search engine, and default browser. - FIREWALL reveals all your network activity, see what your computer is doing in the background and block them if necessary. You need to install the latest FREE ANTIVIRUS 360 Total Security desktop version to have the above functions. Even If you don’t have it installed on your computer, you can still keep up-to-date with security trends and stay aware of changing threat information.


  • Display computer protection status, startup time and disk usage.
  • Easily access to key features of Free Antivirus 360 Total Security desktop version.
  • Use 360 Total Security desktop version to fix security issues.
  • Keep up-to-date with security trends and stay aware of changing threat information.

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24 May 2017

esta genial, de verdad es el mejor antivirus gracias y es 100 por ciento recomendable


19 May 2017

The protection mode & news feature of this app seems very essential. Would've been great if the sign in process wouldn't be involved.


7 May 2017

me encanta me tiene mi pc seguro actualizado y optimizado


23 April 2017

nice app


19 April 2017

nice antivirus


18 April 2017

das Beste was an Gratisvirenprogrammen und Utilities angeboten wird! Kann ich reinen Gewissens nur empfehlen! Seit Jahren auf allen meinen Pc's bzw. Notbooks installiert und hatte niemals Probleme... einziges Manko: das Programm aktualisiert sich manchmal nur manuel; Virendatenbank geht automatisch! Einfach super


12 April 2017

I have 360 total security for about 1 year it is easy to use it stop Trojans virus and malware it also block lots of bad website virus like download.com,softsonic.com,softpedia.com,cnet.com and much more I like it it works on windows 10 it free where I don't have to pay for it I love it it also help speed up your pc by clean all the junk files out of your pc


10 April 2017

like it


29 March 2017

I prefer installing a bunch of virus than this ****. my lappy was as fast almost o.5 sec boot time. but after installing this ****, it scan for almost 2 hours, stuck in 99% force close it, unable to open any windows, I cant even open control penal to un install. I have to restart which took more than a minutes to boot. finally success in uninstalling but already leave a mark. my lappy gone slower than before. I want to have a time machine to go just before installing this ****...regret as ****...(sorry I m so mad)


27 March 2017

have never come across a program I can't uninstall until this one ... it won't work on my pc and won't let me uninstall it either now I have to call my tech guys to get it off here .... what a messed up prgram...

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